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A website about Woodworking. This is my Hobby.

I used to be an Over the road truck Driver for many years. That is until my wife had a terrible accident that left her in the hospital for a few months. She is now handicap and I was given the choice (By the State of North Dakota) to either place her in a nursing home for the rest of her life. Or to quit my job as a truck driver and be hired on by the state to take care of her. So, that's what I'm doing. I get paid (not much) to take care of my disabled wife. I tell my friends that I'm a paid husband, lol

I don't have much money but I started my YouTube channel mainly out of boredom. Yes, I love taking care of my wife, but I gotta do something fun, to keep me sane. So since I love woodworking, we decided to start up the "Hobby Shop" and even put it on YouTube. Its very fun and I do see myself doing this for a long time. Since I really can't get out too far from my wife's side, this hobby is perfect for me.


This website is dedicated to the community I've grown on YouTube and other social networks.

If this is your first time here, Thank you for stopping in. I want to personally thank you for visiting my website. Please stop in and say Hello, share your projects and/or ideas in our "Community Projects" tab. Also, I invite you to check out the two areas on my website where you will find quality items to buy. For Shane's Hobby Shop memorabilia items check out my Cafe Press (Link at top of page). For Items I build/make on my YouTube Channel, Check out my On-Line Shop (in the top header bar).
I invite you to visit all my Social Network tabs below. Please share this website with your friends and family.

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    This is Part 2 of my two part series on Paper patterns.Here, I will show you what you can do with that pattern that you just made.
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    This is Part one of two part video. In this video, I'll show you how you can keep those important paper patterns and still be able to use the pattern whenever you like to, as long as you like to.