Do you like making your own furniture for you home? How about small projects that you can sell? Here you will find projects to fill your home and your heart.


  • A Simple Pallet Wood Project

    In this video, I take the pallet wood we broke down in the video "Pallet Wood 101" and build a simple project.

    You can watch the video HERE

  • Easy Laundry Bin Build

    Easy Laundry Bin Build....

  • Sandpaper Caddy

    Ever had trouble aligning up the holes on your sander. This is an easier way to do that task. 


  • 2017 Pallet Up Cycle Challenge - Pallet Wood End Table/Book Case

    Pallets Pallets Pallets
    Who doesnt lke working with pallets...
    Me i actually love it. In this video, I show how to make a very nice End table/Book case.. yes thats right.. Its and end table with a bookcase on top. and best of all, Its made from pallet wood. 

  • Pallet wood Glue-Up Station

    This is a Cabinet that I keep all my essentials needed for glueing up projects. Including a special spot of a roll of brown paper...

  • End Table

    The plans here are from Ana White and you can get her free plans from her website. Or you can have mine in the Plans section. The only difference from my table from her's, is I have an over-sized table top on mine.
    Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel to watch the video of this being built.

  • Paper Towel Holder

    This is a re-make of Steve Ramsey's Paper towel holder. In his version, you need to take off the top lid to access. Mine, the lid is on hinges that break towards the back of the lid. My handle is on the front of the unit just lift up to gain access to the products. Please visit my YouTube Channel to see how I made this paper towel holder then head over to the Plans to get your free copy of this project.

  • Sliding Clamp Rack

    Have you ever built a clamp rack, only to out grow it pretty fast?
    Well my solution to that situtation would be to make a clamp rack that you can add to it whenever you deed too. Plus it can be moved anywhere you need to move it too and not have to rebuild it.

  • Bathroom Towel Cupboard

    My wife, Shelly wanted a special place where she can put all our towels and wash rags. The place where we rent has a place for this but no door on it. Shelly wanted to have doors for a much neater look. So, I have made up my own plans for this. and SHelly will later make her own handles for the doors.

  • Tic-Tac-Toe Game

    A fun and easy game to build. Made from scrap wood.